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I Liked Your Status On FaceBook

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JE ns : Baby Are You Jealous ?
HER : No.
JE ns : Baby Are You Jealous ?
HER : No.
JE ns : Baby Are You Jealous ?
HER : I Already Told You No!
JE ns : Baby Can I Get A Kiss ?




Valentines ‘Special’

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From the bottom of my broken heart. I sincerely hope that my sister has a wonderful Valentines date. For I’m utterly reliant on the Flowers & Chocolates which she would be receiving. Which in turn would be recycled for my Valentines date. [ For the past 5 good years ] Only occasionally deciding to pinch on the chocolates. Solely based on a notion of it being an Aphrodite.

P.S. How Is It Suppose To Be Romantic When Ever Other Monkey Is ‘Forced’ To Surprise & Celebrate Their Love On The Same Fucking Day & Allow Corporations to Capitalise On Our Cheap Sentiments.

Sleepy time after SexyTime

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In bed with an Ex, It was Sleepy time after Sexytime

Her : Which way are you facing

Me : Eh?

Her : Can you face this way I can’t see you

Me : You can’t see me anyway its pitch black

Her : I know but I like to think of you looking at me

Me : I won’t be looking at you though, I’ll be asleep

Her : Until you fall asleep

Me : Ok

Her : Have you got your eyes closed?

Me : Yes, I’m trying to sleep

Her: For Fucks sake, can’t you just do something nice for once?

This went on for a while and resulted in me leaving for a local pub at about 2am in the morning.

After several miss calls, texts & pints. Emotions got the better of me. I shed a tear.

A kid who sat beside me looked at me & said.

You’re 25 and you did the “boo-hoo-hoo” rubbing eyes routine in the pub? Brilliant

Can I be like you when I grow up?

Psstt.. Couldn’t have had a worst day, I thought to myself.